Aston Martin: Fernando Alonso creates with the brave Aston Martin, the car of his dreams


Aston Martin: Fernando Alonso creates with the brave Aston Martin, the car of his dreams

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Aston Martin He did not want to miss the opportunity to create a car on the street after his designs Pilot privilege. It is called Aston Martin valiant And it was made to taste Fernando Alonso. But be careful, because This is not just a matter of allocationAlastri put a set of conditions on the table and made his trademark a reality.

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And there is no denying that Fernando Alonso-a good collector of sports cars-knows what he is doing. Because the brave mixes a Version 12, In keeping with the best traditions of the Aston Martin engine, with Manual shift, As any racing driver will ask… And a Structure with elements that come directly from the competition.

Fernando Alonso’s brave first Aston Martin

“Valor was an amazing celebration of 110th anniversary of Aston Martin This prompts me to create A more extreme version, Inspired by racing cars and focused on the track , but will also provide Exciting driving On the road, ” explains Alonso in the statement announcing the appearance of this very special car.

Aston Martin valiant Ser

The Aston Martin Valiant will be the next car to swell Alonso’s garage.Aston Martin

“The Valiant It was born from my passion to drive to the limit. I enjoyed working closely with the team Q-Bay Aston Martin (Customization and Special Projects Department) both in Design As in the case of Technical specificationsAnd I think we’ve created A masterpiece“.

To ensure its exclusivity, the Aston Martin Valiant is manufactured in Most limited series. So much so that it will only be 38 units Those who will see the light… One of them already has a duet. As you have concluded, Fernando Alonso is the first owner of his car, Although the other 37 have already been named among the most famous customers of the Gaydon brand.

Version 12 and manual transmission, an increasingly rare combination

All of them will enjoy the power of motivation Version 12 biturbo From 5.2 liters and 745 horsepower , 30 milliseconds of courage… To which must be added the weight savings achieved with the modifications carried out by the British brand to meet Alonso’s desire to Weight reductionThe: 3D printed rear subframe, The Rims and Torsen bar are made of magnesium And the The battery It is lithium-ion.

Manual transmission with a helmsman

A manual transmission with a wheelhouse in sight is one of the most striking details of the interior.Aston Martin

But the best thing is that the brave-as also happens in the brave-abandons the automatic transmission to mount a Six-speed manual transmission That it is presented here with a different aesthetic form, with The wheelhouse on the horizon, Which gives a special effect to the interior.

And the final touch is put by an element that is not very common even in Super Sports of this caliber: Multimatic ASF shock absorber (Adaptive spool valve) for competition that can vary in just six milliseconds between 32 different damping curves. Treatment Alonso will know how to appreciate, with his own sensitivity as a Formula 1 driver, much more than the rest of the buyers.

A body full of sporty details

Brave is not a one hundred percent new model , but Part of the Aston Martin Valor base Made last year , but taken to the extreme in accordance with Guidelines established by the world championships From Formula 1. Which, basically, refers to the largest Lightness and more extreme components As for aerodynamics and dynamics.

The interior of the valiant

The interior of the valiantAston Martin

Aesthetically it is clearly distinguished from courage by The most extreme aerodynamic concept. Something jumps in the eye , for example, seeing Huge rear wing Or with elements taken from the same formula_1, with Spiral generators on skirts Sides that mimic those elements that are applied to the flat bottoms of individual seats.

The entire car body was built in Carbon And in it, in addition to the above elements, they also highlight the phenomenal ones Front splitter It ended with Paintings type DTM, And the so-called Aero tablets, Which is a guide to Aston Martin’s history in competition as it imitates those of the Aston Martin RAM / 1 “loud muncher” Which competed at Le Mans in the late 70’s.

Inside, the brave rides a Roll cage As standard( necessary for the preferential use that Aston Martin believes will be made of this car, that is, the track) and Recaro platform seats Upholstered in Alcantara with Four-point anchor harnesses. And the details of the race such as Fabric door handles.


The Aston Martin Vaillant body is full of bold details.Aston Martin

The last, no less important detail, we see in the brave auction, with Four exhaust ports (titanium)… The lady that Luca spunk. Because Alonso always wants the lady…

World premiere at Goodwood

Here you can enjoy The first official photos From the new British sports car (which will give continuity to the very exclusive latest Aston special series, Victor and valor), although to see it live, you won’t have to wait long. Because Valiant debut in just three weeks, At a global event such as Goodwood Festival of speed.

Everything comes up Fernando Alonso himself to be released… And prove their potential in Ascent to the famous hill.

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