Asian Champions League endisa: Sergio Rodriguez announces his retirement: add to the ‘chachismo’ photographer


Asian Champions League endisa: Sergio Rodriguez announces his retirement: add to the ‘chachismo’ photographer

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ERa is an open secret that all basketball fans are reluctant to accept because the protagonist did not talk about it…. Even he has. Sergio Rodriguez, who on June 12 celebrates winning the league in his 38th year with Real Madrid, announced that he is hanging up his shirt, Put an end to the dream career. We will miss them Impossible passesQ, an elegant trot on the ball wrapped in juggling, his three throws after leaving his defender lying down, his famous beard… And his eternal smile.

During 21 seasons, Since his debut with Students In 2003, at the age of only 17, he was the leader of a number of teams around the world. Real Madrid, CSKA Moscow, Olimpia Milne In Europe. Blazers , Kings, Knicks and Sixers In the NBA, he is a free agent. And, of course, in the Spanish selection.

‘Tab’ exclusively for his large family

From now on His only team to be the most important in his life, that his big family, Which finally’ signs ‘ exclusively. His wife, Anna Bernal, Who married in 2014 , and his four children: Carmela (9 years), Greta (6), Sergio (3) and Roberta (Two months) you will now have more time at home The best player in the cervical.


A few rules wasted a lot Class, imagination and talent On a basketball court. There are many colleagues who have benefited from P…Revelegiada’s vision of the game and his optimal reading of attacking positions His passes are being received. From the alley-excuse me with Rudy Fernandez In choosing up to that campaign with Vincent Poirier. He was a player Raising attendance to the art category, Creator of Illustrated staccia, A subject that should be mandatory in schools for children who enjoy learning to bounce the ball.

With a hat-trick under his arm and 17 titles in white

Sergio leaves Das after conquering the league with Real Madrid, the club for which he played eight seasons In two stages (2010-16 and 2022-24). He leaves with a treble under his arm (League, Cup and Super Cup) having contributed to the achievement of 17 titles with the White collection (5 Super Cups, 5 cups, 4 Leagues, 2 EuroLeague and one Intercontinental).

The excellent palm of Sergio Rodriguez

  • 3 EuroLeague: 2015, 2019, 2023
  • 1st intercontinental: 2015
  • 4 La Liga: 2013 , 2015, 2016, 2024
  • 5 cups of the King: 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2024
  • 5 Super Cups of Spain: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2022, 2023)
  • 2 VTB United League: 2018, 2019
  • 1 Liga Italia: 2022
  • 2 Italian Cups: 2021 , 2022
  • 1 Italian Super Cup: 2020
  • 1st Olympic silver: London 2012
  • 1st Olympic bronze: Omani rial 2016
  • 1st World Cup: Japan 2006
  • 1st European gold 2015
  • 1 European silver 2007
  • 2 European bronzes: 2013 and 2017

It is only part of his huge palm that he complements with another EuroLeague with CSKA (2019), two Russian championships (FTP), One League, 2 cups and one Super Cup in Italy, during his tour in Armani Milan (2919-22). A player who has been gaining recognition since 2004, when he was declared The best player in Europe under 18 years. And that in 2014 he was crowned The best player of the EuroLeague With Real Madrid.

Seven medals with the Spanish national team

Chacho also contributed to the glory of the Spanish national team with Two Olympic medals, London 2012 silver and Ro 2016 bronze, Gold at the World Cup in Japan 2006, And CFour European medals: Gold in 2015, silver in 2007 and bronze in 2013 and 2017. Putin of his entire career amounts to 24 titles, To which should be added Those Seven medals with a choice To form one of the coolest palms in European basketball.


But above the awards, everyone who enjoys this sport will remain in the retina foreverU a great way to interpret the game and passes him a millimeter remote controlSometimes by means of improbable gaps he sees only on the imaginary radar of his mind. Unimaginable to any human, possible to. One of the best point guards in the history of Spanish and European basketball retires. His teammates will miss his passes. The eternal ‘chachu’.

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