Asian Champions League endisa: OCAM Murcia takes the carbina again and looks at history


Asian Champions League endisa: OCAM Murcia takes the carbina again and looks at history

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EFor OCAM Murcia he did it again: Tom carbina for the second time and is one win away from entering the Endesa League final. In an exciting second half, the murcians defeated onekaga, the leader of the regular season, who is still hanging by a thread and is not favored by history. No one is 0-2 anymore in the fight for the title.

Technical profile

  • 83-Unicaja (21+24+16+22): Perry (12), Carter (7), Barreiro (0), Thomas (0), kravish (8) – the beginning of the quintet – Daz (15), osetkovsky (12), kalinouski (1), Taylor (7), djidovich (3), Sima (8), ijim (10).
  • 101-OCAM Murcia (25+19+30+27): haakanson (14), Ennis (13), Sliva (16), Koroks (21), Morin (15) – the beginning of a quintet – Saint-Ros (3), radebo (4), Diagne (6), Kopin (8), Jelinek (0), Valk (1).
  • Referees: Juan Carlos Garca, Martin Caballero and Francisco Ara.
  • Incidents: the second semi-final match of the Endesa Basketball League held at the Jos Mara Martin carpina Pavilion in Malaga in front of 10,681 spectators.

The game begins with tension in the hands of a person who knows what he can get into. OCAM Murcia is more successful both in the indoor and outdoor game. Haakanson and Moran scored the first partial berth. Bfoot had recently arrived a nightmare inside and onikaga was playing in a lot of hurry. The combination with Ebon Navarro led to despair. Vettori had to call a timeout with a + 9 advantage for those of Cito Alonso. The entrance of Cameron Taylor and the direction of Alberto Daz were key to cagista’s reaction. Two electronic trios were left open and Sima’s form began to appear to close the spaces at the end of the first act, (21-25).

The second round was everything. Hot in spades and highly questionable arbitration decisions from both sides. Sima and osetkovsky began to give a very positive version of the attack of the Los Guindos team. California was showing that version of the playoff that was missing for Malaga. The outside-box game came into play with Taylor and Perry participating so heavily that the single-box put them in the lead. The hot moment came for the second match of the semifinals. A clash between osetkovsky and Moran. The special franc ended up bleeding profusely and materialized with a carbine holder. With the air warming up, the mayor of Malaga had to ask for calm from the box of authorities. The action ended with a technique and some free throws by osetkovsky that left the team of Ebon Navarro ahead (45-44).

The Indians dominated after the break.

It seems that onikaga wanted to be onikaga when coming out of the changing rooms. Alberto Daz added two milliseconds and made the carbine believe. However, as it happened in the first match of the series, Okam Murcia quickly applied ice to the clash. Part of the 2-10 for those of Cito Alonso dynamite the nerves of the Los Guindos team. Sliva and kurok continue to punish each of onikaga’s mistakes. Osetkovsky was throwing the offensive game behind his back next to djidovich. But the match in the outer box was not going well and OCAM Murcia was gradually approaching 0-2 at the end of the third quarter. The game was about the last ten minutes with a 61-74 lead at the break.

OCAM Murcia knew how to play the last quarter, the opposite of Unicaja. She was very touched by the painting of Ebon Navarro, whose nerves began to play tricks. Five consecutive points from Alberto Daz set up another rally for the Malaysians. At that moment, the visitors reapplied ice to the idle attempt to return. Howard St. Ross, Ennis and Diagne scored as they wanted against a team that continued to fail in front of the rival hoop.

Without doing more than figuring out how to manage the local disaster, Occam liked Murcia in the last minutes leaving the rent at 83-101. The Murcia fans were celebrating while the carbinas took the opportunity to pay tribute to them in case this was the last match of the 23-24 academic year.

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