Ant’s nest: Mike towers and his “shock” with “Lala”: “I’m embarrassed when I hear children singing it”


Ant’s nest: Mike towers and his “shock” with “Lala”: “I’m embarrassed when I hear children singing it”

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TAfter visits Nathan Peluso, On Monday, and Fernando Tejero, On Tuesday, Pablo Motos Received this Wednesday for the first time in ‘Ant hill’ To the singer-songwriter Michael Anthony Torres Monge, Technically known as Mike towers. The Puerto Rican artist, the global star of urban music, has presented the tour that will take him through Spain and a large part of Europe in the coming months.

Mike Towers has started his’ live for you ‘ tour… Not for me ‘ for Spain and Europe with a concert at the WiZink Center on the eve of his visit to ‘El Hormiguero’. Puerto Rico is a fan of Spain, as evidenced by the fact that he recorded the music video for ‘Lala’ in Javea and one for ‘under the sun’ in Benidorm. “The thing I like most about Spain is that I don’t know what the Spaniards like about me. It’s ridiculous, but I like the way the Spaniards move musically, they know what will be heard next. I would dare to say that Spain is a musical candidate, “He stated. Pablo Motos was curious to know which audience, after the one in our country, he likes the most. “One is from Chile and the other is from Mexico. When I sang the last few times there, it felt like they were on another level“, He confirmed.

Pablo Motos has highlighted that the lyrics of ‘Lala’, which has accumulated more than 900 million listens on Spotify It adds up to over 700 million ‘streams’ in YouTube, It is completely Sexual as well as subtle. “This is my style , I like my songs to have a double meaning, but to be as clean as possible. I’m embarrassed when I hear children singing it, but it’s not my thing. I made it for adults, but from parents who put on kids“, Mike towers lamented.

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Another ‘hit’ from Mike Towers is ‘La Valda’ , which has more than 335 million listens on Spotify. The entertainment space driver of Atrismedia Which broadcasts from Monday to Thursday from 21.45 days Antenna 3 He wanted to know how he felt about these numbers. “I don’t look at the numbers, I focus on doing what people like. The numbers are just results , because The warmth that I feel from people at a concert is inexplicable“, Confirmed the Caribbean.

After a break for the announcement, Pablo Motos commented that Luis Fonsi told him that many songs that Mike towers writes, he writes in 20 minutes. “It happens so often when you like the concept of a song and everything flows. I don’t put time pressure on myself, Because if I did , I might not get anything , but When everything flows, it seems that I have already written“, Explained the singer-songwriter born on January 15, 1994, who revealed at what time of the day is more inspired to write: “in the morning. When I wake up, my mind is clear and I like to explore and see what comes out“.

Mike towers ‘ relationship with his 4-year-old son

The tour of Mike’s Towers is called ‘ Viv La Toya… It’s not for me ‘ and Pablo Motos asked him if he considers that people are more aware of other people’s lives than his own. “Yes, social media has everyone like that. You have to live your life , you have to take care of yourself , but you also have to let them live“, The guest replied. The artist is the father of a 4-year-old boy with whom he talks daily when he is on tour or promoting. “We talk every day because she already misses. When I leave and he smells it because he sees the bags, he becomes a little rebellious, but he already understands and I try to talk to him clearly so that he adapts“, He has pointed out.

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Mikey towers talks about her collection of sneakers at ‘El Hormiguero’

The idol of Mike Towers is Michael Jordan, who says “in order to learn to succeed you have to fail first.” “There are some things that don’t go as expected, but difficult things are defined when you turn the page and come back stronger and more solid“, Highlighted Puerto Rico, for which the presenter of “El Hormiguero” wondered how many pairs of sneakers he owns. “I don’t count it anymore, but this is a material and I buy it because I like it, but it’s not in my heart. I wear them for ‘ flow“, Noted the guest, to which the presenter insisted and asked if he had more than 500 pairs of sneakers. “It’s going to look like I have a lot of sneakers and really… It’s a mess because then I don’t know which ones to wear“, He was sentenced.

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