Anthill: dabiz banana: “I would never give my daughter an artificial Dyke, ultra-processed foods, or foods with additives”


Anthill: dabiz banana: “I would never give my daughter an artificial Dyke, ultra-processed foods, or foods with additives”

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DEspouse that ‘Ant hill’ He signed the best data of the year having signed an average of 2,411,000 viewers and scored 4,869,000 unique viewers with an interview Pablo Motos a Vicente VallsThis Thursday concluded the week with a visit to the chef Dabbiz banana, Winner for the third year in a row of Best Chef Awards.

After receiving and greeting the last guest of the week, Pablo Motos congratulated him and asked if he knew in advance who would receive an award. “I found out 24 hours ago. You go to the concert and 24 hours before you are warned so that you are ready, which I only knew the day before,” said dabiz muse, who explained that when he travels he does not know if he will be given or not. “You go two or three days before and it’s an act of faith because you go without knowing what’s going to happen. Once all, they tell you,maybe tomorrow you T…“, Added Chef madrillo.

Dabiz banana , the best chef in the world for the third year in a rowAtrismedia

Dabiz banana claims the talent of the chefs of our bass

The driver of” El Hormiguero ” was curious to find out if when dappiz banana goes to the best restaurants in the world, he sees better chefs than El.”I see a lot of talent in the world. I always say , and I said that the last time I came, that I don’t feel or consider myself the best cook in the world. In fact, I think that as a result of what is happening in a country like Spain for many years with wonderful people who were, who they are and who they started, so I think it’s a recognition of Spanish cuisine. Of course there are a lot of talents in the world and of course it is very difficult to determine who is the best cook Or a dead end is the best restaurant. I think that The fact that you ah is already a gift“, Confirmed the chef who has four Michelin stars.

The presenter of the entertainment space of Atrismedia Which broadcasts from Monday to Thursday from 21.45 days Antenna 3 He wanted to know what the lady liked about what she had tasted recently. “I eat everything , I eat whatever nonsense is there, literally. There are many people who tell me that I like everything I’m after on Instagram. I love everything because I do amazing ‘scouting’ for months knowing where I’m going to go. Then there are times when if I eat something that is not good, I don’t say that. “I speak only in a positive way,”said dabiz-moz.

Pablo Motos-El Hormiguero

Pablo Motos-El HormigueroAtrismedia

After that, Pablo Motos asked dabiz muse to tell him about the Millennium egg. “I have eaten several types of millennial eggs. The one I remember was hard to eat a few years ago in Hong Kong, That I went with a cook friend from everyone and asked him to take me to the most authentic place and where I eat the most intense and most related to Chinese cuisine. Then he took me to some kind of picnic outside of Hong Kong and They brought me a thousand-year-old egg that was, with Skara, corroded in the horse’s Horn“, Said the interviewee, who was asked by the person from Requena if the Millennium egg is eaten with cascara. “No. Then They are washed, cooked and not immersed in Orn , but are laid out with Earth and with Orn and soaked Ah“, He replied.

The guys that dabiz banana is preparing for his daughter

The producer of the hermiguero also showed himself convinced that the daughter of Cristina Pedroche and dappiz banana, Laya, eats more variously than him even though she is not yet a year old. “Since the age of six months, she has been doing the so-called ‘Baby-led weaning’, which is complementary breast feeding, to breast milk. The only thing is that you need to be extremely careful and be aware of what kind of food is served, in what form and in what texture. This is important because her face is small, so they should be things that you can’t choke on and have a very soft texture. However, Laya, of course, eats everything. I make Russian Red Shrimp steaks, candied kokosha, cheeks on low heat… You can watch her eat and she’s freaking out“Said the 44-year-old chef.

Pablo Motos could not help but ask dabiz-moz if he thinks his nine-month-old daughter appreciates Russian Red Shrimp steaks. “He does not appreciate them on their proper scale , but it is true that when a child gets used to trying different substances and flavors from six months, you create a database in his brain and he grows up with a healthy relationship with food “Obviously, this is very important for M,”said Christina Pedroche’s husband. “I would never give my daughter artificial pastries, ultra-processed foods , or foods with additives“, He was sentenced.

The creative process in the kitchen, according to dabiz banana

The creative process in the kitchen, according to dabiz bananaAtrismedia

Dabiz banana teaches Pablo Motos how to make a chistura tortilla

Dabiz banana teaches Pablo Motos how to make a chistura tortillaAtrismedia

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