Angel Christo was fired from “survivors 2024” after his controversial disappearance: “that’s what I wanted”


Angel Christo was fired from “survivors 2024” after his controversial disappearance: “that’s what I wanted”

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LAdventure The angel of Christ In ‘survivors 2024’ it has come to an end. For better or for worse, his time in Honduras did not go unnoticed and he showed his character at all times. Even her farewell was full of him, that is He did not hesitate to disappear, Causing the local authorities to search for him all over the island.

It all started when, after Discuss with Ora Ruiz For the thousandth time, he passed the security limits imposed by the competition organization. The Honduran naval force joined his search, In an unprecedented spectacle, which further aggravated the situation. During the broadcast of ‘survivors: no man’s land’, Carlos sobera He told the facts.

“The contestant remained missing for more than three hours. Three very long hours in which he also crossed a very dangerous area (…) The situation has generated a lot of pain for the organization and his colleagues, even in the end he existed in excellent condition,” said the presenter.

The consequences for the angel Christ… And Ora Ruiz

The program showed the itinerary followed by ermengel Cristo, who left Playa Condina and entered the island, crossing dangerous areas with ravines, wildlife, etc. He ended up in Caio cucino minor, Where his adventure ended. After finding him, his first words were: “I want to apologize to the organization, to the program and to all the people who worried about me, because I didn’t think about the consequences And she acted unconsciously.”

Angel Christo was fired from 'Survivor 2024' after his controversial disappearance:  "That's what I wanted"

The consequences of these events were overwhelming on the part of the ‘survivors 2024’: Ora Ruiz was nominated directly For violating the boundaries of respect, Angel Cristo disciplinary expulsion for the same reason, in addition to crossing the security zone and causing chaos in the competition.

While everyone was shocked after attending a historical ceremony at the Telecinco program, the injured person reacted in the most unexpected way possible with a brief but revealing direct phrase: “Thank you. That’s what I wanted: to leave.”.

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