Amnesty law: how many people benefit , what crimes are listed and what is happening with Puigdemont


Amnesty law: how many people benefit , what crimes are listed and what is happening with Puigdemont

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La State prosecutor He calculated that the amnesty law may at least affect 486 defendants in 86 criminal cases Which are processed in various courts of the country, mainly in Catalonia.

One day after the entry into force of the norm , the prosecutor’s office announced the data collected by various regional prosecutor’s offices on criminal proceedings to which the amnesty law may apply, affecting Facts about Brooks between 2011 and 2023.

Not all crimes are included

However, the Fiskala It specifies that not all such actions may be subject to the norm because some crimes are not listed in the legal text , such as Hatred, Which can be investigated with others on some grounds.

The calculations of the prosecutor’s office focus on the actions that are still being processed in the courts and judicial bodies of the country, namely, Cases filed or with sentences that have already been executed will not enter, Although in the latter case the amnesty may also have an impact on the cancellation of criminal records.

Apart from the CriminalThere are also other procedures Administrative Or accountants-such as ‘Brooks’ expenses from Audit Bureau– That the amnesty law seeks to benefit.

Months ago, the Government Calculation they may be 372 People involved in criminal proceedings have taken advantage of the law, a figure that has been affected since the independence movement has multiplied: Junts Talk about a thousand, ERK From 1500 and Minium And he raises it to 1600, when all of them are added to those who were punished in the application of the law on citizen security.


The leader of the junta, Carles Puigdemont.Getty

Carles Puigdemont

Among the cases that may be affected by the amnesty is the main reason for the ‘Brooks’ that were investigated in Supreme Court For sedition (a crime that has since disappeared), embezzlement and disobedience, which are divided into two branches: already convicted pro-independence leaders, with Oriol Junqueras To the head , and fugitives, among them Carles Puigdemont.

The former president of the general is also involved in another action investigated in the Supreme Court, that of the riots attributed to the Democratic tsunami program in October 2019 in Barcelona, a case that is also being investigated in National Supreme Court In relation to those who have not been informed , such as the leader of the equity and Reconciliation Commission Marta Rovira.

This investigation of terrorism is joined by another investigation, which is also followed at the hearing, which the prosecutor’s office lists among the cases that could be affected by the amnesty: those that retain twelve members of Committees for the defense of the Republic For planning violent actions at the official headquarters of Catalonia In response to Brooks ‘ ruling.

These are the only criminal proceedings that are processed outside Catalonia, where Supreme Court of Justice Two cases are reserved for disobedience, evasion and embezzlement, such as the case of preparations for the referendum on 1-x, Where counts ERK Josep Maria Jove, Los salvad and acting minister of culture Natalia Garriga.

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