America’s Cup 2024: Panam coach, about Vinicius: “if he’s my player, quiz will tell him some little things”


America’s Cup 2024: Panam coach, about Vinicius: “if he’s my player, quiz will tell him some little things”

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El Panam coach Thomas ChristiansenOpen on Friday about the situation in the field of Vincius gnor He said that if the Brazilian is under his leadership, “the test will tell you some little things for you” and for the team.

“There are many, many comments on attitude and personality issues , but Every player is the way he is. If he’s my player, quiz I’ll tell him some little things for his sakeAny test can also benefit the team,” the technician said at the press conference before Copa America quarterfinal match against Colombia.

From 7 of Canarinha commented that He is a “great player” and has done “merits” to win the Golden Ball This year, having achieved the Spanish league and the Champions League with Real Madrid. “It’s been a great season, he has options. If it’s for the sake of advantages, to be ah”, Statement of internador Hispano Dan.

However, he recorded that Spain qualified for the semi-finals of the European Cup, after defeating Germany (2-1) in extra time , and that if La Roja lifted the continental title, Other candidates are from Real Madrid and also international, as is the case with Dani CarvajalThey can be serious candidates.

He was asked about IndrekThe young Brazilian Pearl is signed from Real Madrid and from This Spado is nominalized with the absolutive To face Uruguay in the quarterfinals, he said that he “has a lot of youth” and Opportunities to “compete in many tournaments”, But he advocates not to “rush too much”with L.”It is normal for a player of his characteristics to want to play,” he points out.

A milestone for Panama

This is Spado, Panama to play for the first time in its history the quarter-finals of the Copa America At State Farm stadium in Glendale, home of the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL. His rival is Colombia,Who went 26 matches without knowing defeat, one away from matching his record. The winner will face off in Semi-finals for Uruguay or Brazil.

The Central American Red entered the round of the best eight against all odds, As the second of Group C, Leaving on the way to the United States, the host of the appointment, and Bolivia.

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