Alpara suffers against Lenovo but meets Madrid in the semifinals


Alpara suffers against Lenovo but meets Madrid in the semifinals

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UN name and word summary of the second match of the quarter-finals of the Endesa League held in Santiago Martin: Satoransky and pride. Czech point guard del Parra takes the stage and played his best game of the season To seal the passage to the semifinals, Where Madrid is already waiting. Y Pride Because this is the only thing you can feel Fans of the Tenerife team for a huge series they did, Despite the victims. And a third word: classic, which awaits us from next week. At least three…

In Tenerife, Parra suffered enough to win, 92-97. Sometimes, in Santiago Martin There was an atmosphere of belief that Lenovo will do the fuck and force the third. Three minutes before the end of the match, they were leading 89-84 after a wonderful basket from Fittipaldo.

But Satoransky, Who was driving the game for his team, Tir from Chevron. In his best game this year, I was the best up to that moment and it was I who ended up managing Lenovo. First with a three-pointer, 92-93, to neutralize the former Sastre Just over a minute. Then with the basket Parra sealed the victory, 92-97 with 30 seconds left.

Satoransky finished with 24 points and 28 rating and as he said at the end of the game: “It’s a pleasure to be at this level at this time of the season“. He was one of the greatest seals of the belograna strike in the EuroLeague.

She was also very good Jabari Parker, 17 points, which completed a tremendous string of quarters. And a good game of Jocopaitis, 11 points, another player needs a big Spurs. The discontinuity was Labrovitula, And very few others were as transcendent as Willy, Who played five minutes and is clearly divorced with the coach (again Da Silva Ahead in the rotation of the BAFTAs), Barra and Brizuela.

The Lenovo doesn’t just keep up with Barra, For the time being he overcame her and although he reached the finish with less force, he was close to her. Many protested from Lenovo It was an unsportsmanlike war for Vesely At the last stage of the match. It was a decisive move because the Czech by missing scored both shots and then came a basket Satoransky.

An extraordinary match of Saleen, 18 points, and from Fittipaldo, 20 points. The two wrote what they did not achieve The man, 2 points, which was a shadow of the one played in Palau. Huge Orchards, Which breaks the AWS, 12 points, and a good work of Cook11, at the plate.

The Lenovo should leave with its head very high after a very complete series Which was very close to his opponent despite the 2-0. The question is what would have happened if I had Shermadini, doornkamp and Jaime Fernandez

Bara Now he will have time to compose himself and study the series that he has in front of him. We will live many more classics, at least three, to meet one of the finalists of the Endesa League.

Technical profile:

92. Lenovo Tenerife 92 (21+25+25+21). Huertas (12), Jay (2), Cook (11), Abromaitis (7), Guerra (10) – Oli -, Fittipaldo (20), Sastre (8), leibis ( – ), Diop (4), Salin (18), Stevic ( – ) and Vicedo ( -).

97. Barra (22+22+28+25). Labrovitula (13), Rubio (4), Parker (17), Parra (3), Vesely (10)- Oli -, Hernandez (3), da Silva (8), jacobaitis (11). Kalinik (2), abrins ( – ), Brizuela (2)and Satoransky (24

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