“Aloys”, “Velez” from prison: “if you come sooner because it’s better to eat here than a mile”


“Aloys”, “Velez” from prison: “if you come sooner because it’s better to eat here than a mile”

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CArlos Navarro was one of the most popular characters on Antao TV, A way of doing television in which everything is important and in which there is a deep sensitivity to the issues on which the focus is nowadays on respecting.

This soon became associated with the nickname ‘Eloise’ by all viewers , because in his participation in ‘Big Brother 2’, he said phrases like the following: “I’m going to hit him with two Yu-Yas that will make his ears tremble.”In short, a cunning style and attitude on the part of the former reality contestant.

Well, this character from the old TV has been under search and arrest for two years, when the police finally found him. Later, Ingres is in prison. All this is due to his five-year and eight-month prison sentence for the abuse suffered by his ex-wife, Faina Bethencourt, One I met on ‘Big Brother 2’ and they had a long romantic relationship.

After his arrest, ‘Aloys’ Ingres is in the Catalan prison of Brians I, where he soon receives a visit from his lawyer, Who was able to leave the first statements to the press about how Carlos Navarro felt after his arrest.

His lawyer reveals the words of Carlos Navarro

The lawyer admits that “I only saw him for five minutes because he took so long to go to the announcers and by eight o’clock he was already kicking us out. The fact is that I saw him well from Nemo, much better, he even made a joke saying:”Gee, if you come early because it’s better to eat here than the army”.

'Eloise', 'Velez' from Brescia

In addition, his lawyer Esteban Gamez revealed more details about his visit to his client, Such as the income of money from his family, clothes, tobacco vouchers that he already has in prison and a tip to the detainee: “When someone gets distracted, time passes quickly, doesn’t it?”.

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