Alonso: “we get penalties for anything , so let’s have fun”


Alonso: “we get penalties for anything , so let’s have fun”

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Aston Martin He didn’t have the best pace in Classification of the Miami sprint race. Fernando Alonso He will start in eighth place in the race and will have to return in just 19 laps. ’14’ explained that they have problems with the grip and that’s why they can not be higher.

“There wasn’t a lot of control on the track today, so the conditions were very difficult for Sprint Qualifying. But it was the same for everyone and we managed to enter both cars in Q3, which is the goal today. We haven’t done a lot of racing simulators, so it’s a bit unknown to go to the sprint tomorrow. We’ll see what we can do and try to have some fun”.

After the Chinese Grand Prix, where the ASTRI received a touch penalty during the fight with Carlos Sainz, You already know that sprint races are not very useful, Because they are few points and lose frames. After the sprint qualifying in Miami, it is clear to him that he just wants to have fun in the short race. “We get penalties for anything, so tomorrow is just for fun, nothing interesting for us,”he explained.

We get penalties for anything , so the morning is just for fun , nothing interesting for us

Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin driver

In addition, he continued to say that the format does not serve them much, since for his team currently It’s not so big Because they are fighting for very few points that do not affect the Championship: “Sprint doesn’t mean much to M, especially because we can’t fight or do something similar,” he lamented.

“It was, as always, difficult to understand tight socks and with soft socks you only have one attempt, well, tomorrow we’ll see what we can do, what we can learn from the race. The enemy is useless , there are very few points at stake , they don’t let us compete either because they punish us, so That would be da boring from the outside, because we will go on a train of cars, but we will. Provide us with useful information about the race”, He tells about the positive and negative sides of the figure.

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