Alonso speeds up new FIA regulations for overtaking


Alonso speeds up new FIA regulations for overtaking

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I have to make sure that there are no problems with citizenship, not only for me but for future generations of Spanish drivers who need protection.”Fernando Alonso took very seriously the inconsistency, and sometimes whimsy , with which judges punish races and Tom the bull by the horns in Miami, where he met with the president of the FIA, Mohammed bin Salim, as Adelante Marca.

And I came out of the conversation happy:”I talk to him and he always agrees with all the opinions that pilots have. I know that we are the ones who drive cars, and that we may have some suggestions about things. There are a few points we need to address as a sport. But I always listened to us. Let’s see if we can make Formula 1 a better and more consistent sport.”, Believes in Miami Fernando Motorsports.

Sometimes Ben slim admitted how conversations with Alonso are between smiles:”When he gets angry he calls me: ‘boss! Hey, boss!’He says some obscene words,’ he says. “I wait for him to finish and tell him,” incredible, Fernando, you will surpass the rapper in using this word (“Damn”), and he will laugh.”

Fernando looks very hot from Spado when Hamilton hit him at the start and got out of SebringT: “I don’t think he will be punished, it’s not Spain.”, He said afterwards, noting that he got another endorsement on Sunday with sansin against Carlos and not his rivals for similar actions.

The question is that Fernando has a good feeling with the president of the FIA He emphasized and accelerated the obvious need for a more resolute panel of judges (and not just former pilots) , But not because of its origin but also because of the most obvious organization.

The federal government also believes that and He intends to introduce in 2025, at the next championship, new rules in the sports code clarifying maneuvers, in particular overtaking , what is punishable and what is not,, The defenses and boundaries of the path, another point of constant conflict, the usual pastures of conversations between Tomorrow’s pilots, who have been demanding this new document for several meetings. And not only for Formula 1, but for all classes.

“We want consistent judgments , and although we have changed some guidelines since 2022 and our driving may have stopped, we are only asking for consistency from now on,” Mike crack, Fernando’s boss, supports Ms this season in which driving violations are penalized for 10 seconds , or philosophical issues such asPotentially dangerous maneuvers even if there is no contact, ” such as the Alonso and Russell maneuvers in Australia, Where the Englishman was distracted and derailed by 20-second blows to the Asturian. They didn’t even admit the right to review on a Miami Date.

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