Aldgir is a steamer again in Moto 2


Aldgir is a steamer again in Moto 2

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Vern aldger wins Moto2 race in Jerez. Murcian returned to be the steamer at the end of 2023. Manu Gonzalez, on the podium.

He was The decline of Arne Canet, Already working on the left fibula. He hopes to get to the Le Mans event. Ferrari and Jorge Navarro raced as guests.

Phule Sunshine The temperature has risen. There were 20 degrees in the environment and 31 degrees on the asphalt. The referees warned that there were some moisture spots, but few.

In Initially, the bike was lifted to aldgir and Manu Gonzalez Le Super. Vern tried to repeat and went to madrileo, but from gressini the overtaking returned in Turn 6.

Sergio Jarka dulz, the leader, takes third place. Soon I intend to attack aldgir. I managed to pass it, but mursian answered immediately.

Alonso Liz does not climb much At the beginning he stayed 16. Senna Agius crashed at Turn 6. Soon Bo was Bendsnyder The one who had an accident at the last corner. Artigas fell at the same point after one turn.

Manu Gonzalez forced. Before the turn, aldgir was trying to hold on to his wheel, as Jarka dolls tried not to lose them. A battle-filled set was created with arenas or ramriz behind it.

Zonta Van den gorberg He was punished by kada Sena Agios. You have to go through the long lap area. Foggia was kissing asphalt.

With 12 + 1 laps to go, Bypassing aldgir Manu, But Gonzalez responds with Turn 6. What a fight.

The one with Ora repeated this step and passed at 5; the one with torelodonis repeated at 6, but now Firmen was aggressive at 8 and already strengthened the overtaking. Balthus falls.

Roberts makes a very good comeback To overcome the chasing group and fourth place. Arenas and Ramirez were trying to follow their good rhythm to get into the fight for the podium.

Jake Dixon had an accident. At the angle of entry to the target. Septimo was trading. What a great start to the season.

Aldeguer raised one point in his performance to put already more than half a second to Gonzalez. The positions were very stable.

Roberts was throwing himself at the Garka dolls. The first two in the general were struggling. The Castilian could not withstand much resistance. Moreira, who was nine, fighting with Ogura, crashed in turn 13. Eskrige, who was in the back, had an accident. His front returned to the track and almost hit another Participant.

Vern was a hammer and was gradually leaving Manu, he had to worry more about Roberts.

Marcus Ramers He looks for a gap before the squares and launches the inside of the 13th turn to look for the fifth place. But Connell fell.

Alonso Paez had done the most difficult thing , to climb back, but Accident C At Turn 13. Stick.

Roberts attacks Gonzalez With two laps to go. After a slight reaction from Manu, the Californian imposed his highest speed.

The digir exercises complete control. It showed Why Ducati hired him To move to MotoGP in 2025. Firmino returned the end of 2023, with his four victories in a row. Even cheers to the fan with foot and hand when going through fasting. He came with a huge horse.

Roberts held off Manu to be second and New leader Five points ahead of Sergio Garca, who was in fourth place, and 10 points ahead of Vern. He is the first American to lead the World Cup since Nicky Hayden in 2006. Massey, who was going to score points, crashed a few meters from the finish, at Turn 9.

“The podium is at home, it’s everyone’s dream,” Manu was delighted. “30 years ago, my father came here for the first time and now I’m winning,” aldighir teased.

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