AFC Champions League Endesa: onekaga takes the lead: what is at stake on the last day of the AFC Champions League


AFC Champions League Endesa: onekaga takes the lead: what is at stake on the last day of the AFC Champions League

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DE teams that have something at stake in Friday’s matches of the 33rd round in the endisa League, just failed to Real Madrid, OCAM Murcia and Dreamland Gran Canaria. The rest of the teams involved complied and got with them, in some cases, a treasure , such as Unicaja, Which regains control over the classification , or BregenWhat a celebration of permanence.

The penultimate day left some things clear but he tangled with others for the final day on Sunday. There are still many things to be determined as the ultimate leadership, A place for relegation, the position that remains in the playoffs for the title and even the fight for the fourth place, which is very important because it assumes the court factor in the quarters.

Leadership is at stake

The leadership of the Endesa League turned out again. Onikaga managed to win in Palau, 91-92, With an eight-second basket of Kendrick Perry. With it he kept his dream of fighting for the first place, but soon after the defeat of Real Madrid at Valencia, 99-93, Leave malagius forward again.

The Madrid has been 29 days In first place while the Onikaga takes four. If he finishes as in 34th it will be, of course, the final, and he will have won the regular league.

On the last day, he receives eggs Baskonia, who risks his life to get into the playoffs, While onikaga hosts Zander Valencia in their last match in the AFC Champions League. Carpentry can be a party… By onekaga, of course.

(A) for the court worker

With Unicaja and Real Madrid Fighting for the lead and Bara Thirdly, whatever you do, you need to figure out the fourth team with the court factor in the quarters.

Valencia, after beating Real Madrid, is counting on itself. If I win in Andorra, to be fourth, But if he loses, he will have to wait for what Dreamland Gran Canaria, Lenovo Tenerife and OCAM Murcia are doing, which will still be able to match the 21 victories achieved by taronia. All three, by the way, fell on this day 33. The formation of the qualifying pairs of the playoffs depends on the results they get.

To enter the top 8

For a few weeks now, The eighth rider in the qualifying is Manu Manu between Baksi Manresa and Baskonia. They divided the wins and losses to reach a day to the end with a one-win margin for the Catalans, knowing that the draw with wins favors the Basques.

Baskonia was dissolved before OCAM Murcia A complex compromise and Paksi Manresa He has already beaten Bilbao, so everything still has to be solved after 40 minutes of basketball.

Those of Ivanovic They have to visit Wozniacki against Madrid who have to win and wait for what happens in Carpena. In the match before Murcia ACAP injured Marcus Howard We will have to find out if he is fit to play in Madrid. Its lowest level will be capital.

Manresa travels to Tenerife to face Lenovo full of losses due to injury. Islanders have the option to move up In the ranking but they are on a downward trajectory. And what Manresa is playing for is a lot.

The abyss of descent

The list of teams that were facing the relegation abyss remained at one level. Despite the fact that the three involved have won on this day, the RO He is no longer among those who risk their lives on the last day.

Lucens won Morabank Andorra has 11 victories, Enough to play a millisecond year in the Endesa League since in a virtual three-way tie between them, the Monbus Obradoiro y cuverne Granada, Prejean will be safe. And also Granada, which also won the special average with Obradoiro, if the two teams tied for victories.

The figures for the proportions are clear. If he wins in Obradoiro loses Granada, It remains the Galician band. If Granada wins and Obradoiro loses, the Andalusian team is saved.

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