Abrins: “Barra made the right decision not to sign hizonga for his statements”


Abrins: “Barra made the right decision not to sign hizonga for his statements”

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Alex abrins (Palma de Mallorca , 1993) is one of the important guys of the Spanish national basketball team, which has been preparing for weeks before the Olympics Valencia In any of Scarello They are playing for a place in Pars games. Leader FC Barcelona Attend to ‘Marker’ The focus of the Spanish team.

Pre-Olympics. “In the end we played to be in some more Olympic Games , many of us have already played some and The fact is that the desire to be able to participate in other Olympiads is maximum. We have a mix of experience and youth , and I think there is a team to compete.”

Compete. “We know that we are competing in the matches that we lost at the World Cup, but we failed. We could have done better and fought a little harder. Because we failed to play all or nothing in the matches and we have many incentives, it’s the last year for the captain and we want him to retire in style.”

Rudy. “Little to say, His palms and sports career speak for themselves And in the end it is a reference to the Spanish player who comes from a small place and ends up triumphing and winning trophies of all colors.”

A new era without Golden youngsters. “I don’t think we have more pressure., They have set the bar very high, the generation of 80 is Spanish history and it will be very difficult for any generation to approach it, we hope that image and we can fight for titles every year without fail as it happened in the past 15 yearsBut you have to put your feet on the ground and obviously now we are suffering a lot more from talent and physicality, the team is different. We have to play more as a team and everyone has to play well.”

Ricky Rubio. “From the first day I was supporting him , the day I decided not to stay here last year, he called me to hire me and I’ve always tried not to bother him, But to make him see that I went through something similar and I was here to help him. When I overcome everything and sign by the bar is also difficult to change and I always try to help him as a friend and as a leader. Now he is going through an operation, I understand that he has to turn his head to everything that has happened these months, Obviously it has not been the best year as a club, a lot of things will go through his head and he will want to take his time to make a decision.”

The generation of 80 is Spanish history and it will be very difficult for any generation to approach it, we have to put our feet on the ground and play more as a team

Lex abrins, player of the Spanish national basketball team

Berroia, Barra’s new coach. “Roger already said that at the end of the season, that in the end The year was bad for a club like Barra and in the end the club has some criteria and it was decided to make this decision. Full confidence in Joan, A great coach, he showed a very good game with many teams and full confidence in him as a leader and a player to help him in every possible way to be comfortable because we all want the same thing, which is to win titles. We trust him and with him to death so that he will last.”

‘No’ is signed by Mario hizonia. “I don’t know exactly whether I signed something or not, but I was surprised that they said it was half signed and then I came out with these statements. Clearly, As a stalemate and as a captain, I completely understand the fan’s annoyance because I could not come out to make such statements when in theory he had already signed. I think the right decision was made, Which is not followed if there is a signed thing.”

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