A selection of deals on the first day of the European Cup


A selection of deals on the first day of the European Cup

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ARank the great European celebration of the national football team. Until July 14, we will review the best offers and bargains for each match in the brand’s imagination. When the day is complete We will also analyze eleven ideal and evaluate movements in the market From contracts. There are four official tournaments that you can play, as well as public tournaments against rivals animus or private tournaments that you can create yourself to enjoy with friends. You have a selection of deals on the first day at the end of the news

Germany 5-1 Scotland

The hostess showed her credentials at the first exchange. Up to four German players made double figures in the brand’s imagination: Musiala and Havertz (13 points), Wertz and Emery can (11). Kruse and vlkruge finished with nine. The best player has in common with the Bayern midfielder and the Arsenal striker. The first ‘eurocolazzo’ in the ratio of points / market capitalization is Imre Kan (11.6 million).

Hungary 1-3 Switzerland

A great game by Aebischer, with an assist and a goal in the first half. The Swiss midfielder Bologna total 14 fantasy points. On the occasion of the first quado Dua to also make two numbers (10), the same result for Chaka and zuboszlay. Two other strikers finished with nine: Brill empolo (menako) and hungaro barnabs Varga. ‘Eurocolazo’ for prayer (1.2 million).

Spain 3-0 Croatia

Three minutes of inspiration from Fabien, with an assist and a goal, were enough for Spain to sign a hopeful debut. The former added 15 fantasy points, for thirteen for Carvajal, eleven for Unai Semin and nine for Morata. Eurocolazo for the Real Madrid suite (23.3 million).

Italy 2-1 Albania

Bagrami scored the fastest goal in the history of the European Championship. Bombazo in 23 seconds to add nine Fantasy Points. In five minutes the Italians returned With goals by Bastoni and Varela (14 for both). With eight ACAP di Lorenzo. Yorokolazu is the midfielder of Sassuolo Albans (5.6 million).

Poland 1-2 low passes

Poland gave first in the Hamburg clash and planted beniko in the Orange ranks until Cody jackbow (15 points as the best player) He managed to beat Szczesny. From there he was able to choose a Koman who ruled the minutes of the system from the end by Wieghorst (10, the same AKP). ‘Eurokolazo’ is for the Polish scorer, Adam boxA (1.3 million, 9 points).

Slovenia 1-1 Denmark

Denmark promises to be very happy with the goal Eriksen (15 points) At the beginning of the match, but Slovenia did not lose face at any time and took his prize with his left foot Janza (joint best player also with 15 points And ‘eurocolazo’ barely costs 3.6 million).

Serbia 0-1 England

England, one of the main favorites for the title, stretches at the European Championship. Defeated but unconvinced. A lot of solitary Jude Bellingham He does not hide the shortcomings of Southgate’s team in his first commitment. 13 points for Ray Judd As the best player in the meeting the ‘eurocolazo’ we give out to Juhi (6 points and a value of 22.2 million).

Romania 3-0 Ukraine

The Romanians passed the poster of a possible ‘compromise choice’ to the Ukrainians. The sudden scoring puts the three scorers on the fantasy market show: stancio, Marin and Dragos (11 points each). Eurokolazu is for Gaziantep striker FK Turku. (4.3 million).

Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

The group ‘freaked out’ on Monday afternoon. There was also a surprise at the Frankfurt arena with Schranz’s solitary goal. Slavia Prague striker scores ten fantasy points, To the nine of Dubravka. ‘Eurocolazo’ is given to the scorer (2.7 million).

Austria 0-1 France

The possible injury of mbab beats a secret duel in the grades. Magnan was the best player with nine points In fiction Marca, by eight Theo Hernandez. The Madridista, who had Manu Manu with the goalkeeper, stayed at six with his nose very touched after the header. The ‘eurokolazo’ is still abandoned in this game.

Turku 3-1 Georgia

One of the euro jewels, at a bargain price, began to sparkle with a crack shot. Arda Glier placed second with Lefty to team up to add 14 fantasy points (Worth 26.5 million dollars). Thirteen Luger-milder, ten Akaydin and mikutadze. The ‘eurocolazo’ is for the defense of diuresis (5.2 million).

Portugal 2-1 Czech Republic

A bad night for Czech hranak, who made it 1-1 on his own and gave a bad rebuff at 2-1 (91st minute). Advantage Francisco Concio to sign for return of eleven points In the sign of fantasy. Fitinha and provod finished with ten, which takes ‘ eurocolazo ‘(2.3 million).

Team deal (1 day)

  • Goalkeeper: Dubravka (Slovakia, 9 points)
  • Defenses: Mulder (Turka , 13 p.), Akaydin (Turka , 10 p.), Janza (Slovenia , 15 p.)
  • Media: Imre Kahn (Germany, 11 p.), eibischer (Switzerland, 14 p.), Stanciu (Romania, 12 p.), Arda gler (Turka, 14)
  • Attackers: Schranz (Slovakia, 10 p.), Dragus (Romania, 11 p.) and Dua (Switzerland, 10).

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