A man suffers a violent beating at the hands of a group of fake deaf-mutes: “they beat me until I had to let her go”


A man suffers a violent beating at the hands of a group of fake deaf-mutes: “they beat me until I had to let her go”

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A man denounced the brutal beating he received by a group of people pretending to be deaf and dumb. The band was discovered by a couple who were having dinner at the Calvi restaurant in Mallorca; however, when they were surprised, a massive fight formed in which one of the most affected was Adrien, a taxi driver who was having a good time with his family.

‘Let’s see’ He called the victim on Tuesday so that he could get all the details about what happened. Adrienne She has admitted that while they were having dinner, a deaf-mute woman came up to them to ask for a tip, but when her partner refused to tell her, she started insulting and spitting at them. Then, this fake deaf-mute goes back to her “buddies”.

“They are scammers and sometimes they steal from people.”

“I wasn’t working or anything, I was off duty and enjoying myself with my family”, Explained Adrien. “Everything was going well until a boy and a girl appeared. For my career, as a taxi driver, I know what they are doing because we see each other every day in many tourist areas of the island”He added, stressing that they have been known in Calvi for years.

“These are people who usually come from Eastern Europe. They’re not Spanish. They are dedicated to looting and fraud, pretending to be people with some disability And they come up with some sloppy sheets of paper asking for donations. In addition, if people get distracted, they can suffer from thefts,”he said.

“The problem came when this girl tried to sneak between our table and the table of other diners, staying out of my field of vision. She got up and asked him to leave and told him that this was not his place. She started insulting me, took her folder and threw it out of the place to get the attention of the waiters of the place, Who came quickly and kicked this couple out of the restaurant, ” Adrien was concluding.

It was in this struggle that Adrin received a blow to the lower arm, as well as a dislocated shoulder. “The boy called two close people who appeared within a minute or two by car. Two ‘built-in lockers’ hostel, I have seen with the girl and They beat me until I had to let her go because I couldn’t get the lady pregnant. Everyone got in the car. My wife, very brave, tried to stop the driver by grabbing his forearm from the outside of the car. This was the biggest fear that happened because she thought she would be run over or assaulted. I went to get them and, at that moment, they started to come back and they started to flee.”, Conclude.

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