A man kills a child and injures four people in a brutal sword attack in London


A man kills a child and injures four people in a brutal sword attack in London

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A 13-year-old boy died and four people were injured And they are found The hospital After the brutal Sword attack Committed by A man of 36 years Who was Arrested On Tuesday, about one A metro station in the Hino district, In the east of London, Confirm the ambulance service of the capital.

The sword incident in London, Live

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Among the four infected are, Two police officers, Namely The hospital And it should have been Works, Although Their lives are not in danger, While the other two people are also admitted to a health center But not seriously.

According to a statement from the Metropolitan Police (met), the event, which according to the first indications It is not of a terrorist nature, It happened shortly after 07.00 local time ( 06.00 GMT) when the police received calls to warn that A car crashed into a house in the Thurlow Park area.

Sword attack in central London

The first information indicated that Several people suffered stab wounds from the individual, Which also Attacking two police officers.

The London Ambulance Service later specified in its tenth account that its medical staff treated at the scene “Five people and everyone was taken to the hospital.”, Where they are receiving treatment, although their condition is unknown. “We were called at 6.54 (local time) this morning to attend an incident near the Hino metro station and We sent multiple resources to the scene“Seal the letter.

The ambulance services indicated that they had worked with the emergency services and that their teams had already left the area. Among the five people treated were, Two police officers..

“Police and other emergency services are present in Hino, east London, at Serious incident in which a man with a sword was arrested“, Aim the body. “At this time , we understand that the suspect Attacking other citizens and two police officers“, Added the police.

A citizen’s video published by the British media shows the alleged perpetrator of the attack, a A man with a beard and wearing an ocher hoodie, While walking with a Large-sized sword (In the style of Japanese katana) in the hand.

“This must have been a terrifying incident for those involved. That the community is shocked and worried“, Deputy Commissioner Adi Adelekan noted in the memo.

The hypothesis of terrorism is ignored

Meteorologists also exclude that there are “Some threat” On the basis of this incident, making sure that he is not looking for more suspects and that what happened “It does not appear to be related to terrorism“.

British minister of the interior, James Cleverly, He confirmed through the social network X that he is being informed about the event and asked not to speculate or share videos online, but to provide relevant information to the police. “My thoughts are with those affected, and I thank the emergency services“, Cleverly published.

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