A huge ortol overtakes the domestic Viger in Moto 3


A huge ortol overtakes the domestic Viger in Moto 3

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Ivan ortol wins the Moto3 race in Assen. The MSI mountain racer managed to impose himself on Fager at home and a brutal pass in the last meters. David Muse was the third. Overall, David Alonso, only fifth, is the leader with 39 points compared to Viger and 43 points with Holgado. Even, to 49 points.

Time has changed: haka Less heat, With 20 degrees in circumference and 32 degrees on asphalt. It was cloudy with some wind.

In Coming up, rookie Angel Piqueras held The center is on his first pole at the world championships. Ortol The second was laid , but it took very little in Attack and pass To the ‘rookie’. Furusato was hitting both. David Alonso soba To the eighth place in the first step by the end, with bajado, desimo.

Tatsuki Suzuki was going to the ground When I was nine. A bad weekend for the Japanese.

Even was looking forward to the tension of the race as he saw that his rivals were lagging behind, but the strongest were getting better. Furusato and Feger were going through Piqueras and David Alonso had difficulty with Rueda.

There were Rain of punishments For competitors rolling in the middle and rear zone. They had to pass through the long lap area: zorotoza, once, Joel Esteban, twice, Detwiler, two, Carraro, two, varioli, two, Whatley, two, and Bertil, two. They were doing it.

Piqueiras has not been cut In the face of the local evil, Viger, and the planted battle, with several passes between the two, which made ortol and Furusato take a few meters. Alonso was involved in skirmishes with David Muse or Adrien Fernandez.

With 10 laps to go, Viger puts himself in charge At Turn 15. The runway rumbles and stands.

Hacks were constant. In two corners one went from the second to the fourth. Or from the eighth to the sixth. Moz was in contact with Alonso. To avoid this, neerlands tightened a little more, stretching the set even more.

David Almansa He had been penalized by passing through the penalty area for cutting a trick. Soon, I had an accident.

Furusato was leaving because of a loophole From gravel at high speed. He was able to control kada, but I lost nine seconds… And their chances of winning.

Almost at the moment, David Alonso took second place And she decided to reduce the distance with a Viger that took a meter with a lot of fighting.

However, ortol and Moz bypassed the Spanish-Colombian… Give air to Viger. David was tired and had another contact with his name Seville. At the moment, there has been another influence between Moz and Rueda.

Ortol took out a slide And he was running away in second place. Iven wants to stick to Viger. Valencia It is launched from abroad Before the deception and super for Colin. Then they paired up in the final meters. The one with Mount MSI To the despair of the domestic fan And gbelo from the fund of the madrileo group.

A great victory for 12 millesimus. And control so as not to touch the greenery. Impressive.

David Muse won the fight for the third step on the podium. Super for Rueda, who was able to keep David Alonso behind him.

Moto3 ASN race classification

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