A businessman denounced the commission on Sustainable Development amau of a contract in favor of barabs, according to the ‘target’


A businessman denounced the commission on Sustainable Development amau of a contract in favor of barabs, according to the ‘target’

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EN year 2022, The businessman will have reported written irregularities to the commission on Sustainable Development In the process of finally awarding a 3.6 million euro contract RikaiIn August of the same year, in the company of Juan Carlos Barabbas, partner of the wife of the head of government, begua Gamez, According to information published by ‘Target’.

This means of communication indicates that In the ‘e-mail’ sent to the Supreme Sports Council Before the tender was resolved, the complaining businessman assumed that the winner of this contract would be barabs. In this context, the Civil Guard Last week the headquarters of the commission on sustainable development was inspected for three hours.

Forces of law and order, In this record, they were looking for documents about this contract, Who is one of those being investigated in the case filed against bigua Gamez for alleged crimes of corruption in business and abuse of influence.

The businessman, in an email sent to the commission on Sustainable Development, reported that The deadline for submitting tenders stipulated by the public sector contracting law has not been met, The news that presents the ‘target’ this Monday.

No appeal has been filed

When such circumstances occur , the usual thing is that If the bidder considers that there was any mistake During the procedure Send a resource, Instead of submitting such a complaint via e-mail, something was not concluded, As I had known Mark.

In addition, as stated in the contracting platform of the commission on Sustainable Development, the Infowars was on May 24, 2022. It is the official date and the date of the start of the calculation of the term in accordance with the law on public sector contracts.

This “email”, owned by the said means of communication, began with the statement: “I am writing this email to request information about a tender that was sent to the Official Journal of the European Union (ogeu) on May 27, 2022 and the “deadline” for the preparation of tenders was June 8. The offer period was 13 days”. It followed, to emphasize that the deadline for submitting tenders had been shortened: “the tender was subject to a coordinated organization, no advance announcement was made in it, which indicates an urgent action. In addition, despite the fact that the justification of the urgent action was on its way questionable, The minimum period for submitting offers was 15 days according to the law”.

The businessman slipped in his ‘e-mail’ which will win the contest

In his complaint, the businessman also stressed the possibility of Amao for the contract and even noted that the company paraps, Partner of bijua Jemez, wife of Pedro Sanchez, It will be the one who will win that competition: “of the two pieces that make up the show, the first one has limited competition for two presenters. Between the two, I have serious doubts about who will win this competition: Innova next SLU”.

In the last lines of that e-mail sent to the commission on Sustainable Development, the complaining businessman Critic character of urgency Which was given to the contract: “he hinted at an urgent action for, just because he does not give time to spend the budget. Legal, sure, but questionable.”

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